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Welcome to the Landreth Family Genealogy Page

  Welcome to my Landreth Family genealogy page.  I have included names, dates and pictures of many my Landreth ancestors. Some of the pictures take some time to load so please be patient. The Landreth family history that goes back to 1070 Flanders was taken from the first several pages of Eugene Landreth's book, Forebears and Descendants of Landreth Pioneers. A lot of the more recent Landreth history that is included in this website was gathered over many years and trips by Albert Landreth, Terry Landreth, Robert Landreth, Laura Landreth Rust and Lois Landreth Brownfield. And with the patience of Mae Landreth, Richard Rust and Shelby Brownfield. Some of the stories were taken from Laura Landreth Rust's book, 170 Years of Landreths. There were many trips made to court houses, cemeteries, libraries and visits with older relatives, many of whom are no longer with us. There were pictures borrowed and copied, some of which are included here.  More information will be added. If you have any pictures, please send me a copy of them.

If you have a web site that you would like me to link to my web page, please send it to me and I will check it out. If it is a page related to this one I will add it to the links section. I am trying to keep the family tree as updated as possible, so please send any marriages, births, divorces or deaths to my e-mail address. I am always looking for family pictures to put on this page. I would appreciate any pictures that you want to send to me of family members.

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 Patrick Landreth
         Born ca 1580
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  Cyndi's List
 Nathaniel Landreth 
         Born ca 1760
Turnbo Morrison Cosper Barnes Landreth Owens  
  The USGenWeb Project
Thomas Landreth
         Born ca 1780
Ben and Sarah (Bean) Landreth
         Ben: Born 1823
   Amercan Family Immigration History Center
Henry "Buck" Landreth
         Born 1861
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Oscar Landreth
         Born 1887

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