ADMRL's COMMENT:  Thursday December 08, 2016
Well, I didn't get the snow I thought we would get Wednesday night into Thursday. The atmosphere was too dry. Very cold temperatures from the Arctic have filtered in though, and it will remain with us into the weekend. Thursday night into Friday morning, windchill factors will be in the single digits. We'll see 2 days of sunshine, then we will become cloudy again going into the weekend. It looks like this weekend's precipitation should be a cold rain, possibly mixed with some snow…snain. Next week looks like the weather pattern will turn mainly into a snow event and once again right before Christmas. It's very possible that snow could be on the ground for a White Christmas. We shall see!!! But the weather pattern is leaning that way.


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Long-Range Comment: Thanksgiving November 24,2016
Long-range forecast for December, we'll see a series of storms
coming out the West. Some lingering showers for Tuesday, with the next storm system moving in for the first week of December. On the 5th of December, that storm system will start out as rain, changing to freezing rain that could produce an ice and snow event. December is looking really cold and it doesn't look at
this particular time that we will have a White Christmas.
Although it looks brutally cold !!!

Forecast for December 09 through December 11
H 26 L 15
H 34 L 29
H 38 L 31

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