ADMRL's COMMENT:  Saturday May 27, 2017
A very warm and humid start for the Memorial weekend. Mostly sunny skies this morning, but the rest of the day will give way to cloudy skies later on this afternoon. Some really bad weather coming our way, with damaging straight line winds as high as 80 mph, large hail, and a lot of lightning. Stay tune to your NOAA radio and your local media services. The talk on the television this morning was, to have a safe place to go to protect yourself and have some emergency supplies on hand. The rest of the 3 weekend looks nice after the cold front moves through the area.
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Long-Range Comment: Monday April 03,2017
April showers bring May flowers… and this rainy pattern continues.  This wet pattern doesn't really look like it will break for the rest of the month. Towards the end of May, this weather pattern may break with a longer period of nicer days. We are still not out of the woods though, with severe weather and possible tornadoes in the next two months. We really didn't have a Spring last year, but it looks like it will be an extended Spring this year !!!

Forecast for May 28 through May 30
H 76 L
H 80 L 54
H 75 L 56

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