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Lincoln Monument

Lincoln Monument

Click to view more history of our Lincoln Statue - The Lincoln monument, located in the center of the business district of Bunker Hill, Illinois is a popular tourist attraction.  It was erected in 1904, donated to the city by Captain Charles Clinton of Company B, 1st Missouri Cavalry, Volunteers.  Bunker Hill men served in that unit during the war between the states.  This statue is one of only four standing statues of Abraham Lincoln.  Lady Liberty kneels at the base writing, "With Malice Toward None".

The following is an exerpt from pages 363-364 of the 1911 edition of History of Macoupin County:

One of the chief and attractive adornments of Bunker Hill which immediately catches the eye of the visitor as he enters the business portion of the town is the Lincoln Monument.  At the intersection of its two principal streets, in the center thereof, was erected in 1904 and unveiled with fitting ceremonies, a magnificent statue of Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator, by Company B, First Missouri Calvary.  The statue of the martyred president is life size and cast in bronze.  The pose is that of the orator addressing an assembly with one hand extended.  It stands upon a granite pedestal, about six feet in height, and with the unknown physical proportions of Mr. Lincoln, this would make the object of art and support about twelve feet high.

The Statue in Bunker Hill and the one in Cincinnati are the only ones which Clinton donated and the only ones with a figure of a woman kneeling. Capt. Clinton donated the one to Bunker Hill in honor of the men (some were also from Woodburn) who served with in in Company B of the First Missouri Calvary, Volunteers. An article later referred to says that Bunker Hill was a close second to Carlinville in the county in sending recruits to the Union Army, according to records.

The Abraham Lincoln Statues of William Grandville Hastings

It has been reported many times that our statue is one of four made from the mold created by William Grandville Hastings. He was an English artist who died in 1902 at age 34 before any of his statues were mounted. This specific Hastings mold commemorated Lincoln's second inaugural address, with a woman kneeling in front of the inscription, "With Malice Toward None".

The First Lincoln Statue

The first Lincoln statue from the William Grandville Hastings mold was presented to the city of Cincinnati, Ohio by Captain Clinton in 1902 and stands on South Avondale Elementary School grounds at the corner of Reading Rd and Rockdale Avenue.

1902 The first Lincoln Statue - Cincinnati, Ohio

The Second Lincoln Statue

The second Lincoln statue, or the first replica cast from the William Grandville Hastings mold was erected in 1904 in Bunker Hill. The citizens of Bunker Hill were asked by Capt. Clinton to supply the base to which his statue would be placed. The amount to be raised seemed to be around $350.00 An article from the Illinois State Journal, Springfield, in July 1948 said, "A massive statue of Abraham Lincoln overlooks Main Street in Bunker Hill. The bronze statue is 7 1/2 feet high."

1904 The second Lincoln Statue - Bunker Hill, IL

The Springfield article continued by saying the Lincoln statue was toppled to the ground in the devastating tornado of March 1948 and his head was severed from the body. In a reasonable amound of time considering the devastation to the town, the statue was put together again. It underwent a restoration in the 1980's and another one including repair in the 1990's.

The Third Lincoln Statue

The third Lincoln statue, or the second replica cast from the William Grandville Hastings mold has stood in Jefferson, Iowa since 1918. It is on a large base in front of the Greene County courthouse. The concluding sentence of Lincoln's second inaugural address is inscribed on the base.

1918 The third Lincoln Statue - Jefferson, Iowa

The Fourth Lincoln Statue

The fourth Lincoln statue, or the third replica cast from the William Grandville Hastings mold is in Grandview Park, Sioux City, Iowa. The statue was presented by Elizabeth A. Mougoun and John A. Magoun in 1924. On the statue in Sioux City, the following inscriptions reads: "Let us have faith that right makes might and in that faith, let us to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it."

1924 The fourth Lincoln Statue - Sioux City, Iowa

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